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Jan 19, 2013 2:00pm PST
of terrorist hostages. >> the u.s. defense secretary declined to criticize algeria, and instead issued a warning to the militants. >> we cannot accept attacks against our citizens and our interests abroad. neither can we accept an al qaeda safe haven, anywhere in the world. >> for years, european nations have largely ignored the presence of al qaeda in north africa. at that, it seems, is about to change. >> a professor of science and international relations at the university of algiers said the final assault saved hundreds of lives. >> i think it was the least has been done by such an operation, because otherwise we would be facing a more destructive situation, whether materially or humanly. if we had complied with the terrorist demands. for example, giving them the facilities to take hostages outside of the borders, which means that algeria and the world would have faced another problem, giving the terrorists another way of provoking more actions than they have done. i think the defense minister of the united states was saying, both sides were correct, algeria was correct. it is a ver
Jan 13, 2013 2:00pm PST
. >> i am telling the people thank you for your support to our national army. we have launched defenses without having any assistance. we're happy to have the french by our site. >> support for the operation is at its highest here. one of the main streets, they fight. traders are also doing a brisk business. the french have been bringing in more troops. about 100 soldiers are right here on sunday. they say their forces will pave the way for the deployment of other soldiers from the republican block. >> i understand you have got a bit more information about that deployment. >> ps. yes. chief of defense forces states are getting here. some of them are writing this evening ahead of a crucial meeting on tuesday in which they are forced to map out a plan for deployment. of this plan -- some say this plan is going to be presented to the heads of state of those who will be on the ivory coast on saturday. what they are also samying is the outcome will depend on a security meeting on monday in which the international community in member states of the u.n. are supposed to pledge their support. wh
Jan 13, 2013 4:00pm PST
. >> the defense minister vowed the air strikes will continue until rebel groups no longer threaten mali or europe. coming up, president mubarak's supporters celebrate after a court orders a retrial for the former egyptian president. and then a year after the cruise ship ran aground. thousands take to the streets in parise rallying against gay marriage and adoption. and then teaching blind students ballet. >> hello. french planes have pusher deeper into northern mali. the vast area seized by rebels last year. jets bombed a training camp and airport in a rebel stronghold as more french troops pardon into the capital. brit ape and other european nations have pledged support and the u.s. has promised droughns. here is our report from the capital of mali. what is the latest you have found on the ground there? >> well, french forces have pushed deeper into the rebel territory. but also, an army base that belonged to the malian forces have been taken over by the rebel forces and has been razed to the ground. the french forces now want to weaken the military might of the rebels. here in bamako there has
Jan 17, 2013 5:30am PST
. >> the french have doubled the number of troops on the ground in mali. the defense minister of the country says there are 1400 soldiers trying to retake rebel- controlled towns. diabaly is 400 meters from the capital. french air strikes near diabaly have done little. chad has promised to send thousands of soldiers and hundreds of nigerian troops are expected to arrive. muhammed is in the capital with a report. what is the latest? >> elizabeth, we have been speaking with residents of diabaly. they say the rebels are still in control of the town. trenches have been dug on the outskirts and in the middle of the town, from where they are defending the town from malian troops supported by french ground forces. the residents have told us the rebels are impounding civilian cars, which they're using in the fight against the french and the rebels have been stopping people from fleeing the town, although some have escaped and have been talking about huge casualties. one woman said there have been huge casualties on the side of the malian forces and she saw fledmalian soldiers ias she the city. it is just
Jan 13, 2013 5:30am PST
. the french defense ministry says he was presumed dead. the group al shabaz says he is being held alive. there was another gang rape on public transport. the victim was a 29-year-old woman from the womanpunjab state. -- the number -- northern punjab state. israeli police have removed palestinian and international activists who are camped out protesting against new israeli settlements. it wants to build 3000 homes in and occupy a portion of the west bank. >> it was a swift and uncompromising he fiction. a nighttime raid by israeli police in the early hours of sunday ended in the protests against plans settlement building in the west bank. activists camp out for two days. some protesters tried to resist while the police searched tensed for people -- tents for people. >> they allow israeli to stay here. they are not allowing palestinians, who are non-mile run. are non-violent. >> it took place after a government court order was handed out. this was an illegal place for them to be. >> the settlement in question lies in the east of jerusalem. thousands of homes are planned for a settlement i
Jan 14, 2013 7:00pm PST
others will have further north. one of the last lines of defense against the rebels and the north. >> we have a equipment's on the ground with artillery equipment and the means to fight in three dimensions. we are heavily equipped on territory. >> it is not clear what the endgame for france is. if it wants to protect citizens or if it has bigger ambitions. the government will certainly want the french to stay until they can recapture the north of the country. dodge the united nations is meeting to discuss sending a west african intervention force , approving a force to help defeat rebels in december. the nigeria and others have pledged troops but they can't get their home until september due to logistical problems. >> at the end of the day, the real solution will be a political solution. we want to support the political process and reconciliation in the north and the south. negotiation with the armed groups which will save them from terrorism. >> we have more from the united nations headquarters in new york. >> france has been urging west african states to send peacekeepers as soon as po
Jan 15, 2013 5:30am PST
will have to go through the defense ministers, who will meet this week in the capital of five proposed, and finally the head of state will meet on saturday before they get it to the international community for the support they need. >> sounds like a very long process. as the fighting goes on, how bad is the humanitarian situation there? >> well, it's getting worse. we know that the humanitarian saw tion humanitarian 250,000 people had been displaced and crossed the borders into neighboring countries. thousands of people have been displaced. that is since the french offensive began. most of them are heading to the capital or have arrived already in the last government-held down towards the north. aid workers have described most of those people fleeing now as people who are panicked and exhausted. yesterday evening i spoke to a man who fled with his family of six from timbuktu. luckily for him he was able to get a boat on the river niger. he said most people want to leave, but they cannot afford the hefty fare is that the boat's owners are charging. most roads thremain closed. he spoke o
Jan 16, 2013 7:00pm PST
. a lot of people like to have guns for different purposes. a hand gun for self-defense, a rifle for target shooting, a shotgun for skeet shooting. we fought a roll up -- war against britain when they tried to take our firearms against -- from us. we have a long tradition of firearms freedom and individual rights protected by a constitution that many other countries do not have. look finally at whether this bill will pass through congress, in your opinion. >> i do not think the bill to ban any kind of semi-automatic rifle pass at all. these guns malic military in style, but they do not fire the way the military ones do. the only fire one bullet purple of the trigger -- they are not fully automatic, but barack obama is trying to make the american people think they are. quite frankly, we are appalled by that misrepresentation. >> how will you be fighting this moving forward? >> on a grass-roots effort. in the united states over 80 million people own firearms. this 80 million people are up in arms about the rights being taken away. they have been writing their congressmen already. >
Jan 20, 2013 5:30am PST
against terrorism, you have it. >> the u.s. defense secretary declined to criticize and instead issued a warning. >> we cannot except attacks against our citizens and our interests abroad. neither can we accept an al qaeda safe haven anywhere in the world. >> a warning to those across out uppercut. rosalind jordan, al-jazeera. >> british prime minister david cameron is concerned that three of the debtor from the united kingdom. all joins us live from london. what has cameron. assaying darks >> he gave an interview over several minutes in which he, first of all, braced those families waiting for news here for the prospect of further bad news to come. we know that six britons amain accounted for together with one u.k. citizen. he clarified that three of those have now been confirmed dead. it is the fate of three more plus the ukase of this and which are coming at the moment, left on known. it was invited to criticize the algerian authorities for bringing this hostage crisis to an end and the decline to do so. we know back in parliament on friday, he spoke to lawmakers in the british parl
Jan 13, 2013 11:00pm PST
national army. we have launched defenses without assistance and are happy to have the french by our side, planning a major role in air support and operations. >> support for the operation is the highest tier -- one of the main streets, french and malian flags side-by-side. the french have been bringing in troops to mali. 100 soldiers arrived here on sunday. they say their forces will stop the rebel advance and pave the way for other soldiers from the west african boc air force. >> -- bloc air force. >> a egyptian the appeals court has overturned the life sentence of former egyptian president hosni mali and his aide -- they are accused of stoppi been failo stop security forces from killing 900 demonstrators. the court threw out non guilty verdicts on separate corruption charges against mali, his sons, and a business -- mubarak, his sons, and a business partner. they will be tried for ordering peaceful protesters killed. >> these are his supporters in the court room, celebrating what they describe as long awaited justice. >> the verdict -- verdict is fair, and by god's will all of his assi
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10